Why, How, When, What’s the Deal!?

What is Healthy Under Pressure?

  • Well, obviously it’s more than just a podcast or blog. For us, I would say it’s a mindset. We can’t escape the pressures of life, so we have to learn how to manage those pressures in the best way possible. The type of pressure will change depending on what season of life you are in or how your business is doing. We also know “health” isn’t limited to just your physical health.

What prompted you to start this site and share your experiences?

  • Ever since Ben launched his own startup, I’ve had a front row seat observing the rollercoaster of emotions, sleepless nights, and stress that go hand in hand with being a startup founder. I’ve seen how being focused on building a business often causes entrepreneurs to neglect other areas in their life, including their health. Throughout our startup journey we’ve learned that taking care of business starts by taking care of ourselves. (This allows entrepreneurs to really take care of their employees and their customers.) I also found that when people opened up and shared their stories, this really inspires others to take action. As far as relaunching the show/site, I would say it’s because we want Ben to have more of a voice and be able to open up and write about his struggles as a startup founder.

Why do you feel these stories and discussions matter?

  • These are universal challenges and problems among business owners or people who are high achievers. And now COVID-19 has brought more pressure in terms of shutdowns, remote working and business growth.

What do you hope people will take away from these conversations?

  • We want people to feel like they’re not alone in the struggle. Owning and running a business is really hard and we shouldn’t try to glamorize startup life as so many tend to do. Ultimately, we hope people will be inspired and feel encouraged.

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